The benefits of nature connection

There is a growing realisation that nature connection can play a valuable role in promoting wellbeing. There is also increasing recognition that the actions of helping people to connect with nature requires provision of activities that go beyond simply promoting species identification and associated knowledge.

Finding proof of the value of connecting with nature is challenging as there is no standard method people follow, connection, or reconnection with nature is often gained through being involved in nature-linked experiences that speak to individuals on a personal level, often driven by an unspoken inner need. 


In consideration of Biophilia, the innate biological need for humans to connect with nature, there is explanation as to why human kind needs connection with nature and why it is so important for their wellbeing.

Back in the roots of human history connection with nature was integral to daily life and survival. Our human ancestry is shaped by nature, cognitively and emotionally, and the need to bond with nature, connecting to something bigger than ourselves, persists.

Through industrialisation there has been a steady and unrelenting moving away by people from natural to urban environments. Society has consequently become so disconnected from nature that it now requires a helping hand to find the way back.

Connecting with nature aids connection with self 

Reconnection to nature can manifest itself through gaining better connection with oneself, or through artistic expression, or maybe through developing a a greater awareness of aspects of the natural world that require human intervention and support. For example, at our woodland we run Social Forestry sessions to promote the forging of symbiotic relation ship between the people who attend and the woodland itself.

Indicators of nature connectedness are challenging to measure and levels of connectedness will vary from person to person depending on both their inherent interests and frequency of action. Choice for method of nature reconnection is going to be driven by personal preference, whether rooted in inner personal exploration, creative expression or through more practical ways of engaging with nature,  

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