Wellbeing and nature connection courses

Accredited and non-accredited training options
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What We Do

Provide accredited and non-accredited ‘best practice’ training for running sessions outdoors to promote health and wellbeing using nature connection.

Our Approach

We like to enter into discussion with all potential attendees to ensure that the learning pathway they are thinking of following is going to deliver the outcome they are seeking. We’re not in the business of just selling courses, but we are in the business of making sure that the training/guidance we offer will meet identified needs within available budget. 

Our Mission

To develop a community of qualified practitioners devoted to ‘best practice’ delivery of health and wellbeing sessions outdoors that deliver benefit to physical, emotional and mental health. 

Our Trainer

Susan Collini delivers an accredited Level 2 Award and Level 3 qualification for Wellbeing In Nature.

Susan is a qualified teacher, Level 3 leader for Forest School, Social Forestry and Mindfulness in Nature and also a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness teacher.


There’s a significant rise in mental health needs

The benefits that nature connection activities can deliver have been widely documented and proven through scientific research.

Now, more than ever, provision of ‘best practice’ in relation to delivery of wellbeing activities is imperative and the courses we offer are designed to deliver insight and guidance accordingly.

currently experience mental health issues


work absence days related to mental health

Increase in depression diagnosis due to Covid-19

Wellbeing In Nature

 Whether you’re looking for ‘first-step’ advice or looking to gain an accredited qualification for Wellbeing In Nature we will help you decide the most appropriate learning pathway.

Whether you are already working with adults or children in a nature connection sessions or are looking to change career and want to learn more about this holistic way of working to benefit people’s wellbeing, start a conversation..

Wellbeing in nature training enquiry

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Wellbeing in Nature learning pathways

1. Mentoring sessions delivered via zoom or over the phone.
2. Experiential 1 and 2 day non-accredited training.
3. Level 2 accredited Award level training suitable for those with limited experience and are interested in gaining theoretical insight and practical skills
4. Level 3 accredited Practitioner Qualification for those people interested in working with  Social  Prescribing, or who have experience with running sessions with children (e.g. Forest School)  but not adults.

For more details about options for training in this area, together with indication of study commitments, suitability and cost, follow this link.


Learning can be accessed as an aspect of the accredited Level 2 Award for Wellbeing In Nature, or alternatively as an experiential Retreat for personal development. The setting for delivery is an ancient woodland in East Northants, nearest towns Thrapston, Corby, Kettering.

Please been aware that choosing to engage with either option does not qualify you to become a Mindfulness Teacher, which requires an accredited qualification in its own right. For those interested in pursuing a qualification as a Mindfulness teacher we are very happy to recommend high quality training providers.

Providing mindful experiences in nature

Encouraging people to benefit their wellbeing through guiding them in how to connect  deeply with nature, bringing them into the present moment, delivers valuable lessons for life that can be transformative.  The experiential training we deliver covers a range of suitable activities that are  designed to  keep both service users and session leaders within safe emotional boundaries.

Mindful experiences in nature training enquiry

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Mindfulness and Shinrin yoku

This is a one day ‘experiential’ course delivered in a woodland setting, designed to provide an immersive wellbeing experience for personal insight and development.  

Mindfulness and Shinrin Yoku

15 + 14 =

This one-day course is suitable for anyone wanting to benefit their own wellbeing through exploring ways to forge a deeper connection with nature and themselves.

`This is also suitable as a taster session for those who are interested in finding out more about running sessions in the outdoors to benefit health and wellbeing,  with a view to engaigng with Wellbeing In Nature training, whether  for the Level 2 Award or the Level 3 Qualification.

A little glimpse into the woodland setting where we run training

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two people sawing wood
two people sawing wood
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For you

Training will provide you with information on ‘best practice’  in relation to the  delivery of Wellbeing projects in the outdoors.

For your clients

Our training courses guide you along learning pathways that will ultimately help you deliver wellbeing benefits to your service users

For nature

All our courses place emphasis on gaining insight into requirements for sustainable management of natural resources, in relation to caring for the environment when running nature connection activities.