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Family SEN sessions

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Following the success of our 5 ways to Nature Connection sessions we ran as part of the Nene Valley Festival we’re returning to our roots, the fabulous Sunday sessions for families with SEN children.

We’re still running with very small groups, so if you’re interested don’t hesitate to get in touch and reserve your place or you may miss out.

Complete the form, indicating the days you would like to attend. We’ll then get back to you about booking and payment.

Read more about these sessions and what parents have said about them.

Family SEN sessions

September – November 2021

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“It is very rare for me to be able to relax and feel calm while we are out, but today I felt just that – it was so good for the soul and engaging with the activities on offer was very therapeutic”.

“Excellent experience, I felt very relaxed and able to spend more quality time with my children. I totally forgot about daily struggles and worries” .

“There was something about today that made for pure happiness. The smell of the wild garlic. The smokey fire. Sunshine unexpectedly and the company of kind, interested friendly people”.

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Nature therapies for adults, children and families
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This Autumn we will be running several courses of online mindfulness sessions, kindly sponsored by the Co-operative Community Dividend Fund, to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home,

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Because you’re so worth it…

Take time to nurture yourself

If you’re finding it difficult to move forwards with your life right now, due to the Pandemic, you’re not alone.

As well as face to face sessions in the woodland we’re still running our online mindfulness and nature connection sessions, helping people reconnect with others and build self-confidence within  themselves.

Whether face to face or online, engaging with some  gentle mindfulness helps quieten the mind and soothe the raw edges of emotions. This type of wellbeing experience has been likened to immersion in a warm bath, helping reduce feelings of anxiety in the mind and physical tension held in the body.

“It’s been quite a revelation to me how powerful mindfulness can be. Each session has given me useful and practical exercises which genuinely help to relieve stress. During these uncertain times my anxiety levels have been higher over the past month, but I can honestly say that I have felt much calmer after every session.”
Participant – January 2021

Feedback from Susan's Mindfulness teaching online

What they’ve said

” Until I started these sessions I didn’t realise how much I really needed them. Thank you so much.”  January 2021

” These sessions have really helped me feel better in myself already, it’s amazing” 
January 2021

” Thanks so much for the opportunity to do this. It was really enjoyable and I really feel better in myself”
January 2021

A Message From

Susan Collini

The wellbeing sessions I run at the woodland, whether for adults, children or families, are filled with Mindful moments as I encourage people to connect more with nature and themselves. As an accredited Mindfulness Teacher I fuse my practitioner skills and passion for nature connection together, utilising aspects of both as a force for healing .

As a qualified Forest School Leader and Social Forestry practitioner I deliver sessions for adults and children in a tranquil, ancient woodland in East Northants.

I also deliver mindfulness and nature connection  sessions online, which work really well and suit people who have anxiety about social mixing. 

More options for learning Mindfulness

Walk the wellbeing pathway of Mindfulness 

Mindfulness training is based around helping you to notice more about what’s happening ‘now’, rather than almost continually being caught up with thinking about what has happened in the past or maybe lies in the future. Learning to engage more with the present moment can be a life-changer for adults and children, helping reduce anxiety and stress levels that can cause so much suffering, consciously and unconsciously.

Dip your toe into the warm water pool of Mindfulness with a 2, 4 or 8 week course that, at present, are delivered remotely.

Read more about Mindful Company Resilio courses

Courses are available for children, who attend sessions, virtual or face2face, with a parent/carer. There are 3 different programmes for children aged from 3 – 16. To find out more visit Mindful Company.