Outdoor Tribe CIC Terms & Conditions for Family Sessions

We try to keep our terms and conditions straightforward. We hope you will agree that what we set out here provides clear guidelines of what you can expect from us and what we, in return, expect from you.

Parental involvement at sessions

Parents are expected to supervise their children during family sessions, ensuring they are keeping themselves and others safe in relation to the activities they are engaging with at any time during a session. We do not encourage ‘hovering’ over your child/childen, rather allowing them ‘space’ to explore and play. However, parents are expected to have visual sight of their child/children and be prepared to intervene if ‘play’ is putting either themselves or others at risk. Parental supervision is particularly relevant to activities involving sticks and den building where a parent need to be stationed within a distance where child guidance/intervention is possible with appropriate response facilitated with immediacy.
NB Our team of volunteers are there to guide and support and, for both adults and children, to point out risks associated with activities. Child minding is only a role for one of our volunteers if you need someone to keep an eye on one child whilst you take another child to the toilet, or are dealing with a behaviour issue that requires you to take a child away from the general activity area. We are always willing to provide assistance to support you, but not to replace you!


We have policies and procedures related to safeguarding for both service-users and staff,/volunteers which we can provide for you to read on request. If you have any questions about safeguarding in relation to a child or vulnerable adult then please contact us. We provide confidentiality in relation to information shared with us by service-users, except in circumstances where disclosure makes it a legal obligation to share information with appropriate professionals

Payment for sessions

Payment in advance by BACS transfer or cheque is required in advance of attending sessions


Family sessions carry on in all weathers, excepting those.considered to pose an adverse risk, such as high winds or thunderstorms. In such an event the session will be rearranged.
If the session leader has to cancel due to illness or unforeseen circumstances then the session will be rearranged.

Cancellation by Parent/Carer

Cancellation with expectation of a refund for a season related booking must be made at least 10 days before the start of any block of booked-for session, to allow enough time for others on the waiting list to be given the opportunity to attend. There are no refunds given for individual sessions missed during a series, or for one-off sessions.

Medical Conditions

We do not ask for medical information for those attending family sessions. However, if there is anyone in a family group who suffers from a medical condition that could become life-threatening due to an allergy or might possibly be triggered during attendance then it is advisable to inform the session leader prior to attending.

Inhalers/Epipens/insulin dependents

If you or your child requires any of the above then the medication must be brought to the session/s for use in case of an emergency by the parent of the child or a First Aider or Medical Emergency personnel. NB If a child arrives for a session without his/her emergency medication then the session leader reserves the right to refuse entry to the session (for the protection of both child and staff/volunteers)


We take pictures and sometimes video clips to be able to show other people what goes on at the family sessions. If you do not want yourself and/or your child to feature in photos/video that may be shared online then it is your responsibility to let the session leader know. Please be aware that other parents also take photos/video of their children, which may include your child in the background. If this is an issue for you then please speak to the session leader, Susan Collini, before you attend a session so that she can advise other parents of a potential issue/

Knowing what kit is the right kit for Forest School

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just poor kit” Suitable clothing,for the environment and the weather are really important. The following has been prepared as a checklist to help you prepare your child for his/her Forest School experience.

Suitable clothing

  • Long sleeved T-Shirt or shirt
  • Fleecy top or jumper
  • Long trousers
  • Socks that stay up inside Wellington boots
  • Wellington boots or waterproof shoes/boots
  • Waterproof coat
  • Hat
  • Gloves

Unsuitable clothing

  • Short sleeved T-shirts (bare arms can get stung by nettles)
  • Shorts (bare kegs can be scratched and stung
  • Leggings (too thin to provide proper protection from brambles/nettles)
  • Sandals
  • Crocs or similar type footwear (soles do not provide adequate protection)

Protecting your privacy

Any personal information, stored on paper, relating to adults or children attending sessions is only kept whilst families are continuing to attend sessions. Emails provided for booking purposes will not be automatically added to our mailing list, you will need to subscribe to our list via our website at outdoortribe.co.uk tor give permission via a session feedback form to be added to the mailing list to receive regular news and updates. We use Mailchimp for sending of newsletters and there is facility to unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time.

Feedback and Concerns

We encourage all participants and carers/parents to give us feedback about their experience at any of our family sessions. We actively encourage a two-way conversation about anything that you’ve found particularly helpful or has caused/is causing concern. Feedback can be given verbally to Susan Collini or any of the volunteers, or by telephoneing Susan on 07799 892900, or by email via the contact page.

We aim to be as open, honest and as straightforward as possible with carers/parents in order to maintain a constructive two way flow of communication.We update our terms and conditions from time to time, in response to need and to aid clarification in relation to family session operational aspects. If there is anything you feel would be helpful to add to these Terms and Conditions then please let us know.