What is bushcraft?

Bushcraft is more than about learning skills for survival in the wild, rather more about learning skills required to immerse yourself in a wild place with as little negative impact on that place as possible. Taking part in our bushcraft sessions will provide participants with skills to enjoy a level of knowledge and self-reliance within a woodland.

Bushcraft courses we run will help you gain knowledge and learn skills to keep you comfortable and also promote deeper connections. Spending time in nature can provide a level of reconnection with nature in itself, but gaining deeper personal satisfaction through nature connection requires a set of skills to help you experience an ‘at home’ feeling.

“Gaining valuable knowledge in a beautiful wood. A great way to spend a day”

There are many courses that can provide you with survival skills to help you escape the wild, but our bushcraft courses are aimed at getting people to want to spend more time there through gaining appreciating of the bigger picture. Our complementary approach to delivery of bushcraft skills is going to appeal to those who are wanting to explore more than just learning practical survival type skills.

Bushcraft skills session

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Is bushcraft for me?

If you’re wanting to deepen your connection with nature, engage with a deeper level of nature awareness, spend some quality time in a beautiful woodland setting, learn to slow down and notice more, then our bushcraft sessions will provide worthwhile experiences. Our sessions are designed to be a fun, encouraging participants to experience the sense of feeling at one with the natural world. A great way to learn woodland related skills and feed your soul.

“Fun with knots, knives, fire and wild garlic – fabulous!


Bushcraft skills session

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Our bushcraft sessions

We focus on more than just teaching skills to help people’s physical comfort in a wild place, we encourage people to reconnect with nature, fulfilling a need that’s hard-wired into our DNA,

Our ancestors had skills to survive and thrive in nature because they had such a close connection with the natural world, but those innate skills have been lost down the generations as society became more and more urbanised.

Our bushcraft sessions guide people to re-learn skills our ancestors took for granted. Whether we’re teaching about foraging, fire making, shelter building, hazel carving or woodland crafts all participants are encouraged to deepen their connection with nature to experience health and wellbeing benefits.

“Happy, relaxed, unable to worry”


Bushcraft Skills Session

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