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Building on our successful deliveries of online mindfulness sessions over 2021 we’re running a further series of 4 free Mindfulness sessions before Christmas, delivered by an accredited Mindfulness teacher. These sessions have been kindly funded by The Co-operative Community fund.

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Finding your peaceful place

When faced with the challenges of day to day life it’s difficult to actually find time for yourself, I’m sure you agree?

However, there are subtle ways you can weave a life that you feel more engaged with and less driven by. When you are engaged more with what’s going on in your life ‘right now’, rather than being consumed with thoughts about what you’ve got to do next or what you haven’t done yet, it can be surprisingly liberating.

You can learn these simple techniques in just 4 Mindfulness sessions that we will deliver to you via Zoom, something we’ve done very successfully for over a 100 people over the past 11 months.

“The cumulative effect of the 4 sessions has meant I can do something to stop much more of the chatter in my head. It really has worked for me and I’ve been really impressed with these sessions” Online course participant


30 minute sessions

We’ve found that for beginners a 30 minute Mindfulness session fits the bill, it’s long enough to teach something worthwhile and short enough to keep those who struggle to justify to themselves the importance of allowing themselves some ‘Me Time’. 30 minutes is possible, especially when it’s arranged for 8 p.m., allowing you to get the family settled. It doesn’t always work, I know, but we’ve found that particular time works best for most people. So, why not give it a go? What have you got to lose? 

“I’ve really felt the sessions help to lift my mood and stop me from feeling all over the place”
Mindfulness online participant –  2021


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