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Outdoor Tribe two branches. We provide nature connection sessions for adults and children and training for professionals wanting to run wellbeing sessions outdoors with a range of user groups

Outdoor Tribe Training branch

Short or longer courses can be provided that will equip you with skills for delivery of nature connection and mindfulness related activities for different user-groups.

With curent Covid restrictions the delivery of training is achieved via a mix of online and face-to-face sessions outdoors. Check out the training page for more information.

Meet the Trainer


Susan Collini

Susan Collini


Using the outdoors to facilitate wellbeing outcomes for adults and children is the specialism of Susan Collini who is a trainer for Social Forestry practitioner trainer at the acclaimed Woodland Skills Centre in Wales. Susan is also a qualified Forest School Leader and accredited Mindfulness Now teacher.

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Outdoor Tribe Social Enterprise

Outdoor Tribe CIC is the social enterprise branch of Outdoor Tribe, existing to promote and benefit wellbeing in the community through reconnecting people with nature.

The CIC is run by a Board of volunteers who give their time and expertise to organising regular events that involve people form the local community and from further afield in nature connection events designed to benefit mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Adults and children

We use the outdoor environment to engage children, young people and adults in learning and play, enhancing health and wellbeing

Special Needs

We work with young people and adults with learning and mental health issues and their parents, carers and guardians including but not exclusively: ASD; dementia, and special educational needs.

Intergenerational activities

We promote intergenerational activities and events because we recognise the wellbeing benefits they can deliver to all involved.

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Whether you’re an individual wanting to find out more about our Social Forestry, Wellbeing with Nature or Mindfulness or sessions, or you’re interested in training to offer these activities in your own setting, get in touch.


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