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About Outdoor Tribe

What we’re about

We’re a social enterprise existing to promote and benefit wellbeing in the community. The following are the Aims and Objectives of Outdoor Tribe CIC as contained in our Articles of Association.

To use the outdoor environment to engage children, young people and adults in learning and play, enhancing skills, communication and self confidence.

To use the outdoor environment to provide activities for children, young people, adults with learning and mental health issues and their parents, carers and guardians including but not exclusively: ASD; Dementia, and special educational needs.

To use the outdoor environment to improve the health and wellbeing of the community.

Develop workplace skills through training in woodland crafts and manufacture of products made from woodland materials.

Run sessions designed to deliver training to professionals related to working in an outdoor environment with children, adults and individuals with special needs.

Who leads

Susan Collini is the main leader, holding Level 3 qualifications to deliver Social Forestry sessions, Mindfulness in a woodland setting and also Forest School sessions for children. Susan has long recognised that co-connection between people and woodlands delivers wellbeing benefits to both.

Susan currently runs Social Forestry session for adults, Forest School sessions for children and Family sessions for adults and children and in 2017 developed the Nature Ninja Awards scheme, particularly for children who find group situations challenging.

Susan also has a keen interest in promoting intergenerational learning, bringing those from older and younger generations together for shared learning/activity sessions. These  events promote broad wellbeing benefits, sense of community and and improved understanding between those at opposite ends of the age spectrum.

Other qualified leaders are recruited, as and when required. However, mostly Susan is ably assisted during session delivery by an ever increasing and excellent team of volunteers, who receive ongoing and regular training and undergo DBS checks.

Some of our woodland wellbeing events

Join the Outdoor Tribe for…

Forest School, Wood'n'Tots, Nature Ninjas

Suitable for children aged 2 – 12

Social Forestry sessions for adults

Available on alternate Monday and Wednesdays mornings throughout the year.

Family sessions

Combining food, fire and opportunities to learn woodland skills to use on family days out

Running a group and interested in working with us at your place or ours?

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