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“It is very rare for me to be able to relax and feel calm while we are out, but today I felt just that – it was so good for the soul and very therapeutic”

“In the woods you forget about your everyday worries because it is so peaceful and relaxing. The wide space and fresh air is what all children on the spectrum need and fulfils sensory needs”

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Woodland session for families

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The Outdoor Tribe Team


 A session runs between 10.30 a.m.and 1.30 p.m. Per family (basic cost is £25 for 1 adult + child, with additional family members @ £7 each). Some costing examples are shown below.


  • 1 adult + 1 child £25
  • 1 adult + 2 children £32
  •  2 adults + 2 children, £39
  • 2 adult + 3 children  £46
  • Babes in arms free


Maximum of 2 children with 1 adult 

Extra adults and children most welcome, just ask 

“Excellent experience, I felt very relaxed and able to spend more quality time with my children. I totally forgot about daily struggles and worries” 

“Our lad is quite a handful on days out but there were lots of staff on hand and it felt so very safe…definitely going to go to the next one if possible”

If you’d like further information before you book, to assess suitability of the wild wood environment,  or want to ask questions about activities or would like to visit the woodland prior to booking, please phone or text Susan Collini direct on 07799 892900.  Don’t feel concerned about asking what might seem a silly question, our team are here to help you and support the needs of your child/children 

Hot and cold drinks, biscuits, camp fire food, plus free parking are all included in the price. You are welcome to bring your own food to meet special dietary requirements.




More feedback

“We loved that we could allow our kids to be who they wanted to be on their terms and their smiles and laughter that resulted reflected this. As parents we felt a welcome relief from pressure in being able to enjoy taking our children out without the usual anxiety and being on high alert”

“Excellent – lots of open space, mixture of structured and unstructured activities in an environment that has no judgement on parenting skills or children’s behaviour”

Most valuable aspects 

“Allowing the children the chance to explore and take risks in a wild environment, where we feel safe”
“The children can connect with nature and experience different things in a safe environment”

” Personally, I felt calm, relaxed and at ease – very different to our normal trips out”

“Our boys really love coming to the woodland and seem much calmer afterwards (they can be very hyperactive!). They love being able to do what they choose and enjoy wildlife and bird watching, exploring/adventuring….finding things that are hidden delivers much joy, as to being able to indulge my son’s interest in using a compass and making maps” 


map of oxlip wood

group of children kneeling on the ground
group of children kneeling on the ground
group of children kneeling on the ground
group of children kneeling on the ground
group of children kneeling on the ground
Group of children and adults toasting bread over a fire
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