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“My Stick”

An activity session for all the family, because playing with sticks is just the best fun, whatever your age!

The stick is perhaps one of the oldest and, arguably, one of the best loved toys of all time and here’s an opportunity to choose one, harvest it from the woodland, trim to size and then start creating…. maybe the stickman to go with reading the story? Maybe a magic wand to cast spells, a sword to fight off dragons, a tracking stick to help you find secretive creatures and places, a measuring stick or maybe a picture frame or a dreamcatcher? There are so many things you can make out of a stick, but the challenge is in finding just the ‘right one’! 
Children and adults will have the opportunity to explore parts of the woodland to choose and cut their own hazel stick and then be shown how to trim and cut to size, using woodland tools and bushcraft knives (under supervision).
Big sticks, little sticks, long thin sticks, thick short sticks – which will you choose and what will you create?
Some people find, once they start looking and exploring, that a particular stick ‘calls’ to them, which is how they know it’s ‘their stick’. 
There will be a camp fire on the go for everyone to enjoy with drinks available throughout the session and hot dog sausages and popcorn cooked over the fire – yum! (all included in the ticket price)
This is also a great opportunity to spend some time connecting with the sights and sounds of nature, to relax and benefit your wellbeing. 
woodland and field in front

Oxlip Wood

20 acres of private woodland

trees in woodland

Tranquil surroundings

No public access

track with fence

Private, gated access

Wood completely fenced

view over fields from wood

Surrounded by fields

Secluded location

coppice stool

Ancient woodland

Established in 1328

bench seating in woodland glade

Places to be with others

Places to be alone

Outdoor Tribe – connecting people with nature to benefit their wellbeing

Fresh air, fun and friendship

weather dependent options, available in this unique 20 acre woodland, fenced all around and infrequently open to visitors.


The private 20 acre wood is completely fenced all around, at the top of a long private access track


We provide a team of volunteers to support families attending wild wood experience sessions


A Forest School leader & volunteers together with a qualified First Aider will be in attendance


We have appropriate insurance cover and risk assessments in place to cover all activities we run


Situated between Thrapson and Corby, off the A6166, the woodland is near to local towns but in a very rural location


We’ll talk to you before your visit to try to help your family get the most out of your woodland session

"My Stick" - Sunday 1st March

Woodland location

Oxlip Wood

03Fresh air

Studies show that being outdoors is good for the mind, body and soul


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We want your family to relax, have fun and smile from the inside

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