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Campfire Circle Events

Campfire Circle events – eat-in

Campfire circle events nurture wellbeing through bringing people together to enjoy a community experience, sharing food cooked over an open fire. The crackling campfire provides warmth for all, particularly welcome if  the weather is cold. We also have sheltered locations if the weather is wet.

There are two outdoor cooking areas, with fixed circular seating for groups of up to 15 people, at our main venue.  We also have a portable fire-pit which we use on site, in our sheltered areas, or when delivering campfire circle events elsewhere.

The campfire provides a focal point, helping lower any social anxieties and also promotes the mindful practice of being in the present moment, giving respite from any negative thoughts and preoccupations.

Essentially, campfire circle events aim to provide opportunity for people to relax and socialise, while enjoying home-made, wholesome food cooked on a campfire. It’s not fancy, rather down to earth and real.

A campfire circle event lasts 3 hours and includes lunch, a choice of home-made soups with bread, followed by home-made cake or desert with tea/coffee, for example. Vegetarian food is very much on the menu, to suit broadest dietry preferences. However, If special dietry options are requested we’ll do our very best to be accommodating.

Costs are £25/head. There is free parking within the wood.

Campfire Circle events – take-away

The preparation and cooking of food over fire is an activity that has roots in a shared heritage of ‘building community’ through bringing people together to share a meal. Our campfire circle events provide community through the sharing of a meal cooked over an open fire. Our lunches not only fill the insides of our guests but promote smiling from the inside too!

Sitting in a circle, eating a meal cooked over a woodland campfire, encourages social interaction, all kinds of topics of conversation and even hugs of understanding when needed.

After lunch there’s opportunity to bathe in the tranquility of the woodland through tuning into the sounds of nature while taking a stroll. There are also craft activities provided to help enhance relaxation.

Campfire circle events provide a pit-stop from the racing track of life, with Just a few hours spent in a restorative natural environment delivering a woodland wellbeing take-away.

Our aim is for guests to leave a campfire circle event feeling refreshed, revived and motivated to tackle life with renewed vigour.

We hope you’ll decide to join one of our campfire circle events soon.

All Outdoor Tribe CIC profits are used to further the wellbeing aims and objectives of our social enterprise.

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