And we’re off…

Finally, after many months of enforced shut-down, we’re ready to start our ever-popular Wellbeing with Nature sessions for adults.

Support from the Lottery has been key to helping us resume our community activities and, despite now having to run with groups of just 5 + leader, we’re ready to roll.

National Lottery Community Fund

Nature gives us what we need

The objective of our Wellbeing with Nature sessions is for participants to benefit their wellbeing through caring for the woodland. Cultivating this mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationship between nature and people is what Wellbeing with Nature is all about. 

Being involved in our gentle woodland working sessions delivers wellbeing benefits through nature connection, bestowed on each person according to individual need. For those who feel stressed, a couple of hours spent engaged in gentle woodland working is a natural de-stresser. It’s no coincidence that by the end of the session people generally express feeling so much more relaxed than when they first arrived. Focussing on gentle, repetitive physical tasks involved in woodland management soothes the mind and exercises the body.

The combination of focussed awareness on a task, along with gentle physical bending and stretching, helps keep the mind in the present moment, rather than racing off here and there. People find that the issues/thoughts their mind tells then to pay attention to can just be put to one side while they’re in the wood.


writing on green card leaves
trees in woodland

How we’re making things Covid-secure

We are operating in what is considered a low-risk environment, with limited public access. However, we are not at all complacent and have put measures in place to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission between those who attend sessions.

The video below explains the basics of how we plan to operate our Covid-secure Wellbeing with Nature sessions.

Anyone is welcome to attend our sessions, so long as they comply with our Covid-secure requirements. 


Are you currently shielding?

Several of our regular Wellbeing with Nature attendees are in what is considered ‘high risk’ groups, related to age or illness.  However, in view of the significant wellbeing benefits to be gained through attending we are not going to turn people away if, having had an intial discussion, we feel they would benefit through being involved.

We are currently limited to 5 people + leader in a group. So, with such low numbers in a group it’s feasible, for example, that we could facilitate a group of ‘shielding’ people, to attend together.

My husband is in a ‘shielding’ category and is quite happy to be involved in Wellbeing with Nature sessions as he considers them to be low risk, in consideration of the Covid-secure protocols we are putting in place.

If you think your mental health, in particular, could benefit from attending some Wellbeing with Nature sessions then please get in touch for a chat and we’ll decide together the best way forward.


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