Laughter benefits the immune system

It’s a fact that children giggle and laugh without hesitation, while adults don’t enough. There seems to be such a lack of laughter around these days that workshops abound to teach adults how to do it.

It’s well documented that laughter decreases stress hormones and benefits the immune system, improving resistance to disease.

Laughter also triggers release of endorphins, feel-good chemicals in the body that help promote wellbeing.

The aim of Outdoor Tribe Woodland Working Parties are to improve wellbeing and are not just about working, but also about having fun through creating a bit of a party atmosphere.

Unlike a conventional party there’s no alcohol on offer to aid relaxation, but the fresh air and tranquil surroundings of Oxlip Wood certainly seems to deliver a positive injection of something to those who choose to spend time there.


fire burning in a bowl
fire burning in a bowl

Girls just want to have fun

There was plenty of giggling and smiling going on at the Woodland Working Party today as a bunch of older girls had fun making fire, having spent some time collecting suitable fuel from around the woodland. Actually, just concentrating on moving around the woodland finding the next dry twig can be quite therapeutic, promoting mental relaxation.

The positive outcome of the exercise wasn’t really about who got their fire to burn brightest and longest, rather the relaxation gained by taking part, enjoying the joy of play.

The relaxation imprinted on the faces of those seemed to demonstrate increased levels of smiling from the inside. “It’s therapy for the soul” enthused one of those taking part.

Benefit your wellbeing, join a Woodland Working Party

We like to hear laugher on our Woodland Working Parties

There’s scientific validity to the old saying “laughter is the best medicine”

Would you believe that laughter is like internal jogging, toning muscles and even massaging your internal organs (ii’s also more enjoyable than jogging in my opinion).

Laughing at mistakes allows a person to recognize that getting it wrong is all part of being human. There’s nothing like trying to make a fire outside in damp conditions to experience ‘getting it wrong’, because there’s plenty of that to be experienced before getting it right..!

It’s good for everyone to feel comfortable with laughing at themselves, it’s a great stress reliever. Sharing laughable moments with others about experiences at our Woodland Working Parties is what we encourage people to do. Laughter shared through reliving the story is laughter power doubled.

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