Wellbeing in woodland

Wellbeing in woodlands

There is a growing body scientific evidence that time spent in nature, particularly in woodland, can deliver physical, mental and emotional benefits.

Although it is widely established that healthy eating and regular exercise have major impacts on physical health, research has also identified that exposure to nature is equally effective for regulating our body rhythms.

We’ve worked with the University of Northampton on a research project about how woodlands nurture physical, mental and emotional health in older adults. This is what some of our service users say –

  • “Calming and energizing, helping put some aspects of life into perspective”
  • “Definitely has a therapeutic effect,  recharging the batteries”
  • “Makes me feel more alive, ready to face the week ahead”
  • “Helps me sleep better at night”

 Find out how you could get involved, to benefit your wellbeing

Ways to reconnect with nature

Simply being in a woodland environment promotes calmness, helping our service users leave our wellbeing sessions feeling revived, mentally refreshed and physically invigorated.

The Biophilia hypothesis suggests the humans possess a need to seek connections with nature, a need that has direct connection and is deeply rooted in our human ancestry.

Reconnection to nature can manifest itself through developing a greater awareness of the natural wold, or through artistic expression, or through developing a a deeper connection with oneself.

Many years of scientific research in Japan, in connection with Shinrin Yoku (Forest bathing)  has shown that reconnecting with nature, in a tranquil environment, helps diminish stress and anxiety levels and can have direct benefit on illnesses such as type 2 diabetes.

We introduce people to calming and nurturing activities designed to reconnect them to nature, to ultimately benefit their wellbeing. 

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