Nature Ninja Awards

Engaging with Nature Ninja awards can provide great ‘starting points’, especially for children with anxiety issues or those who lack confidence in social situations

What are Nature Ninja awards?

  • These can be worked towards during Forest School sessions, or can be  engaged with on an ‘as and when’ basis when visiting the woodland
  • Attendance required for a minimum of 6 sessions to achieve the award and a certificate
  • The objectve of Nature Ninja awards  is to promote building a relationship between the learner and the natural world

What is Forest School?

  • Forest School is a long term process, using a learner centered model, with the aim of building motivation,, resilience, risk assessment and independence, with the aim of building self-esteem
  • Forest School is a long-term process, rather than a series of one-off activity sessions. Observations by the Forest School leader shape sessions and activities, to benefit needs of individual children attending


Season related activities have been developed to suit all ages and abilities


Activities can be completed both during the woodland session and at home


Successful outcomes build confidence, social skills and self esteem

Session Costs

single sessions

Pay as you go

£20 per child with adult

block of six sessions

booked at one time

£100 per child with adult


Susan Collini has Level 3 leader qualifications in Forest School, Social Forestry and Mindfulness in a woodland setting and has a background of working with children with special educational needs

The objective of Outdoor Tribe’s Nature Ninja awards is to promote physical, emotional and social development through supported activities and free play within a woodland environment

Please feel free to read about our Terms and conditions relating to Forest School/Nature Ninja awards

Spring Sessions

For children aged 3 – 15 attending school or being home educated

Sessions last 2 hours


Booking now for sessions running April 2018 onwards

Oxlip Wood

My son always leaves the session energised and wanting to do more

Parental feedback


He is always so excited to tell people what he has done and his confidence has grown so much.

Parental feedback


Being in a small “safe” group with trusted adults has definitely helped develop social skills.

Parental feedback


I feel the whole forest school experience has really enriched their lives

Parental feedback


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