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Outdoor Tribe is run  by people in the community to benefit the health and wellbeing of  others in the community

Promoting nature reconnection

Outdoor Tribe is a social enterprise existing to promote and benefit wellbeing in the community through reconnecting people with nature. Our staff and volunteers come from the local community, helping deliver our events and are also involved closely in the ongoing management of the woodland where we run most of our sessions.

Adults and children

We use the outdoor environment to engage children, young people and adults in learning and play, enhancing health and wellbeing

Special Needs

We work with young people and adults with learning and mental health issues and their parents, carers and guardians including but not exclusively: ASD; dementia, and special educational needs.

Work skills

We have facilities to develop workplace skills through involvment in woodland management and in the manufacture of woodland products. 


We can deliver training related to working in an outdoor environment, including Level 3 Forest School training (working with children) and Level 3 Social Forestry (working with adults) 

Intergenerational activities

We promote intergenerational activities and events because we recognise the wellbeing benefits they can deliver across the generations.

Our volunteers usually start by joining our Social Forestry group, helping with light woodland management tasks. The skills they learn and wellbeing benefits they experience enthuses many of them to seek greater involvement. “Giving to others” can provide a great boost to wellbeing and,  having undergone DBS checks, volunteers then become part of our family session support team.

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Who leads?

Susan Collini is the main leader, holding Level 3 qualifications to deliver Social Forestry sessions, Mindfulness in a woodland setting and also Forest School for children.

Susan has long recognised that co-connection between people and woodlands delivers wellbeing benefits to both and runs regular Social Forestry session for adults, many of whom graduate to further involvement as DBS checked volunteers for our monthly sessions for families with SEN children.

Susan is particularly interested in promoting intergenerational learning, bringing those from older and younger generations together for shared learning/activity sessions. These  events promote broad wellbeing benefits, sense of community and and improved understanding between those at opposite ends of the age spectrum.

“There’s no WiFi in the woodland but you’ll find a better connection”

Spending regular time in a tree filled place has scientific proof to benefit health and wellbeing.

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Based in East Northamptonshire

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If you’re an individual wanting to find out more about our Social Forestry, Mindfulness or Bushcraft sessions, or you’re interested in finding out how we could support a group, giet in touch and start a conversation.


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