Mindfulness in a woodland setting

Time spent in our tranquil woodland environment helps develop greater connection with nature and yourself

“Time spent in nature is the most cost-effective and powerful way to counteract the burnout that we feel when we sit I from of a computer all day” Richard Louv

There is no WiFi in our woodland but you’ll probably find a better connection!

Our mindfulness in woodland sessions are run to help people cultivate sensory mindfulness skills, to foster deeper connection with nature and ultimately themselves.  Our sessions are designed to deliver experiences of mindful moments in nature through use of the five senses, in ways that are gentle, supportive and fun. 

“My first Mindful moments in nature session was on a damp Monday morning in March and it was magic! If you’d like some “me time” outdoors with a group of likeminded people then I highly recommend it” Deirdre Peck

We meet at Oxlip wood is a unique and tranquil place where the animals make the paths and humans only visit as invited guests. A 20 acre ancient woodland provides a rich environment for connecting with nature, a woodland oasis fenced all around and surrounded by fields.

Experiencing mindful moments in nature requires having specific intention to connect using your senses of sight, sound, smell and touch. Spending time in woodland can soothe the soul and fill the senses almost without much effort, which is a great way to start.

Mindful Moments in Nature

There is scientific proof that periods of immersion, or bathing in nature, particularly woodlands, can have positive effects on lowering stress, reducing blood pressure and boosting immunity; benefits that last well beyond the session.

We don’t expect people to be involved in any long formal meditation practices, rather we introduce ways to still the mind through using the woodland’s resources, with the aim of benefitting wellbeing.

Sessions are led by Susan Collini, a Level 3 ‘Mindfulness in Woodland’ pracitioner who acts as guide and support, providing people with opportunities to be with others or to spend time alone if preferred.

We provide all resources for sessions, includng mats to sit on, refreshments to enjoy and if the weather is chilly a fire to be able to warm yourself by. Rain doesn’t stop play either as we have ample sheltered areas.

You can experience mindful moments in nature through paying attention fully ‘in the moment’. Cultivating skills for mindfulness practice in a woodland is quite delightful, soothing and fun.

Over time and with practice these mindful moments in nature sessions can guide you how to use your senses to not only deepen your connection with nature but also improve connection with yourself. The sessions will provide you with simple exercises you can use at home to benefit your wellbeing.

Whether at home or work many people are cocooned indoors away from nature, merely glimpsing it through a window when they have time to look up. For example, if you have a bird table but how well do you know the individual birds that visit? We have some lovely birds at the wood and we’re happy to also encourage you to explore mindful birdwatching, something that can be very rewarding, in more ways than one.

While writing this I took a break by visiting the wood where we hold our mindfulness in woodland sessions. I walked slowly, bathing my senses with the sights, sounds and scents all around me. The tranquility of the wood soothed my mind and body and I left feeling relaxed, refreshed and uplifted.

I took some photos to share some of my experience with you – see at the bottom of this blog post.

Outdoor Tribe is a social enterprise, all profits made are used to further our aims and objectives.

  • To use the outdoor environment to engage children, young people and adults in learning and play, enhancing skills, communication and self confidence.
  • To use the outdoor environment to provide activities for children, young people, adults with learning and mental health issues and their parents, carers and guardians including but not exclusively: ASD; Dementia, and special educational needs.
  • To use the outdoor environment to improve the health and wellbeing of the community.
  • Develop workplace skills through training in woodland crafts and manufacture of products made from woodland materials.
  • Run sessions designed to deliver training to professionals related to working in an outdoor environment with children, adults and individuals with special needs.

We hope to welcome you to a Mindful Moments in Nature session very soon.

Mindful Moments in Nature

Our sessions cost just £15, including free parking and refreshments

Connecting with nature helps us to connect better with ourselves

Just spending some time away from the normal demands of daily life can help you experience more than just a breath of fresh air. Whether or not you’re going through a stressful time in your life, practicing mindfulness in a woodland setting can not only help promote relaxation but also improve energy levels and motivation.  Why not give it a go and experience the benefits for yourself