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Family wild wood experiences at Oxlip Wood in East Northants

woodland and field in front

Oxlip Wood

20 acres of private woodland

trees in woodland

Tranquil surroundings

No public access

track with fence

Private, gated access

Wood completely fenced

view over fields from wood

Surrounded by fields

Secluded location

coppice stool

Ancient woodland

Established in 1328

bench seating in woodland glade

Places to be with others

Places to be alone

Outdoor Tribe

Benefits for special needs children and their families

We understand that sometimes trying to be a family in a public place can be challenging, to the point you’d rather not put yourself through it. On a visit to Oxlip Wood there’s no ‘general public’, rather trained staff and volunteers to help your family enjoy their visit

Right infrastructure

The private 20 acre wood is completely fenced and with a gated access

Right level of support

We’ll work closely with you to understand your family needs

Right mix

We’ll work hard to match compatible family groups for woodland visits

Right people for the job

Trained leaders & volunteers will be on hand to support your family

Right level of care

Risk assessments are tailored to support individual family needs

Right location

We’ll help you identify locations within the wood to suit family needs

Right level of supervision

We aim to provide a level of support to help the whole family enjoy their wild wood experience

Right communication

Talking to you before your visit is as important to us as receiving feedback afterwards

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Nature Ninja Awards

These seasonal based awards provide great ‘starting points’ for children

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Woodland location

Oxlip Wood

03Fresh air

Studies show that being outdoors is good for the mind, body and soul


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We want your family to relax, have fun and smile from the inside

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