Confidentiality in relation to session attendees

We aim to respect the privacy of individuals and to keep information they have provided to us, in respect of personal details, confidential.

We strive to operate as follows:

  • Any information provided by session attendees, via medical/activity consent forms or by email or during face to face or telephone conversations will remain within the bounds of ‘Outdoor Tribe, unless information disclosure is considered necessary for individual welfare reasons. (See Safeguarding Policy)
  • All records, registers and consent forms, will be kept in a locked safe when not required to be present at Outdoor Tribe sessions. (contact/medical details)
  • Personal information given to us by Outdoor Tribe session attendees will not be given, or sold to third parties for marketing, or any other purposes.
  • Personal information given to us by Outdoor Tribe attendees will not be used by us for future marketing purposes unless express permission has been given for it to be used in this way.
  • Photographs taken during Outdoor Tribe sessions may be used for online marketing purposes, if permission has been granted via the session consent form or from parents attending a session.
  • If photographs are wanting to be used for other purposes, such as in a report, or printed brochure, then individual permissions will be sought from the parents/carers of the children concerned..
  • If video footage has been taken during Outdoor Tribe sessions, permission from parents of the children involved will be sought before the video footage is used  either online or as part of a talk/presentation.
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